Can we build the wall already?!


Sometimes things just make too much sense.  That’s most-likely why our government has refused to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico.  Building a wall would help fix four separate problems illegal immigration, drug trafficking, armed violence in Mexico, and invasion of hostile people.


If you’ve read my blog for long, you have read about my issues about illegal immigration (see here, here, and here).  With our economy in shambles, I am hard-pressed to find a positive point FOR allowing illegal immigration (not that we should allow it in good times either). You can read my previous posts for some of my other reasons.  Build the wall.


The United States population is by far, the largest consumer of illegal drugs in the world.  While drugs come into the US in many ways, the land route through Mexico is an enormous pipeline, including about 90 percent of our cocaine import.  Trafficking of illegal narcotics is obviously illegal (hence the term), and along with it, it brings a host of problems – violence, funding of other illegal activity, addiction, etc.  Blocking a major and easy route, would increase the difficulty to transport, and would reduce this flow.  Again, build the wall.


Armed violence has come to the border, and has perforated into the US.  You know it’s bad when the US military tells its own trained fighting personnel not to go across the border.  The US has its own problem with armed violence, and doesn’t need one little bit more.  You haven’t started building the wall yet?


With scenarios like al-Qaeda smuggling nukes across our southern porous border (a possibility according US interrogators) and other countries/organizations looking to harm the US by sending agents across the border, we need to cause them to look to other methods to get to the US.  We all saw the finger-pointing after 9/11.  Let’s not have a massive tragedy where we can all cast blame shall we?  Build the #&%$ing wall, would ya?


Here’s some more positives:  It would create construction jobs.  These would be respectable-paying jobs, that would buy materials, and use equipment, and later require maintenance.  While creating jobs, the wall would also allow our over-extended border patrol to focus on capture and release activities, as well as tightening our northern border. 


Where was the negative to this again?

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5 Responses

  1. [...] roll drummer for the drums I beat, and Illegal Immigration is one of them (see here, here, and here).  Under this bill, one of the covenants being pushed for is a “path to citizenship for [...]

  2. A 30 foot tall wall can be climbed over, but not with ease. It would drastically reduce the flow, and that’s what’s needed.

    NAFTA incentivized businesses and jobs to go to Mexico… I’m not sure ending it would strengthen the Mexican economy.

    I don’t think it’s just the Right that is avoiding the solution here… the Left benefits heavily from the flow of people across the border in different ways, but just as much.

    Great find with the NPR article. Truly ironic.

  3. Oh, we already have hired illegals to build the fence.

    just not legally. Now that is irony.

  4. A wall can be climbing over.

    Legalize drugs, ends the drugs war. End NAFTA, strengthen Mexico’s economy and immigration dwindles.

    You’re right, those are two very obvious solutions that nobody on the Right wants to look at. Too scary sounding because it makes too much sense.

  5. Maybe you should send this idea to Obama (don’t bother with Pelosi – enforcing the law is unamerican) as an idea for a new stimulus package. Wouldn’t that be ironic for illegals building a wall to keep illegals out?

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