Move on already.

If you don’t know by now about the shooting of nearly two dozen people in Tuczon, Arizona by a crazed lunatic, you probably ought to crawl back under your rock.  This, like any mass-murder captures the nations’ attention and sympathy.  But we need to move on, and quickly.  Not because Americans have such a short attention span that they will resent this event from permeating their minds for too long.  Not because healing needs to focus on the future.  But because our politicians will turn this into a circus of political football.


Before I begin, I hope people know that six people were needlessly killed on January 8, 2011… not a one of them was a member of Congress.  Yet, our media and politicians give an “oh yeah, and these too” section to their coverage.  Because of this, we need to put the whole thing behind us quickly as it’s already been mishandled, and was mishandled from the first utterance of using this as the battle cry to limit political speech and rail against “extremism”.


One thing you learn as a parent is that you can scold all you want, or even physically punish, but to protect the safety of a child, the best solution is to remove them from the situation.  Why haven’t we learned this from our politicians yet?  In this case, the best way to fix the political football game is to move on.  Shed our tears for those who were lost, care for those that are living, but move on.  Assess what happened by this and other mentally deranged people, to see if there is real prevention steps to be taken in the future, but move on.  Let the Giffords family move on.  Let Tucson move on.  Tell our politicians to move on.


3 Responses

  1. Amen.

  2. I do agree, But the best way to fix the political football game is to get better politicians – in fact to get a better political system – like democracy for instance!

    • Hey Quin. Welcome back!

      I don’t know that changing the overall system from Constitutional Republic to Democracy in the US would help this. This would dramatically shift the power to the 10-15% of the country that is heavily urban in this country, instead of keeping some of the protections for our rural folks. I don’t think that’ll solve politicians. What will fix them is for us as a public to step away from our iPhones, video games, and big screens, and listen and then hold the politicians feet to the fire for hypocrisy and deceit. Additionally, we need people to figure out that a 2 party system is damaging as the parties can just be the lesser of two evils, and still get votes.

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