GOP, don’t fail us now.

We The People righted the ship at the end of 2010.  Not by handing the GOP one of the most sweeping wins in history, but by removing the single-party domination of Congress and the White House of the past 2 years.  While those of us who do not subscribe to the two large parties would like to see other outcomes, the feeling among most was that we needed diversity between the Legislative and Executive branches in terms of party and ideology, and this was mostly accomplished in 2010.


So now what?  It’s one thing to have theory and talk, but I want action.  That means you GOP.  And I’m not talking about lots of bills and rhetoric.  I’m talking about backing up your words.  No more earmarks.  Reduce spending.  Leave the money in the hands of the people that put you there.  Transparency?  The Dems promised it, and we got the largest bill in history with behind-closed-doors and back room dealings.  Can you do better?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  But please, prove my cynicism and gut wrong.  You’ve survived for the last 2 years as Monday morning quarterbacks, taking shots and dragging your feet.  I may not have disagreed with many of your points or obstructions, but you had the easy road.  The tough road is to lead, and this is your chance (in the House anyway), so do it.  Prove the Dems wrong.  Prove We The Cynics wrong.  Prove historians wrong.


Get it right… please?


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