Letter to the GOP – Drop Healthcare Repeal

Dear GOP,


The American people gave you control of the House of Representatives and nearly half of the Senate due to the bungling of your opponents.  I don’t think this was just because the voters felt you were a better option, but because you were the only other choice in most cases.  Please don’t lose site of this.


I understand you ran on several things:  The Democrats had really messed things up, you were better at economics and jobs, and yes, you were going to try to repeal the healthcare bill that the Democrats rammed through congress.  It is completely understandable that you are excited about your newfound power and want to quickly start backing up your campaign promises.  However, I don’t feel you’re serving the American public well with the time and energy you spend on this effort.


As you are no doubt aware, 14 states’ Attorneys General have joined a suit disputing the constitutionality of this healthcare bill, and its measures on the people.  This is more than 1 in 4 states already disputing the federal government’s right to mandate people purchase anything.  This is a suit that will gain some serious traction, as healthcare insurance is not necessary to receive healthcare, and therefore forcing someone to buy an unnecessary product to get what they could get on their own violates the commerce clause and state sovereignty.


Why do I bring this up?  Two reasons:  One, you will not have the votes to not only repeal the healthcare bill, but override a veto.  Two, you may not need to – especially at a time when the people want you focused on the economy.  If the 14 states (and maybe more to join) succeed in their effort, they will be able to dismantle the bill, and have it thrown out, thus eliminating the need for your posturing.


While I may not disagree with every portion of the healthcare (Obamacare) bill, I do believe you do not pass a problematic, ill-conceived, and damaging bill ever, especially at this price tag.  But instead of spending time in the current congress striking down a bill that can’t be stricken down, why don’t you focus on the other parts of your campaign promises?  Why not expose some troubling parts of the bill, especially the parts that have nothing to do with healthcare?  Focus on cutting spending in other areas — including your own staff – if nothing else than to prove your serious about your words, and not just looking to spew more rhetoric like your predecessors.  Please?




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5 Responses

  1. You would think that since they made jobs and the deficit the main planks of their platform for 2010…..it would be more better (lol) for them to start there to appease the huddled masses…..

    • Part of their platform was to repeal Obamacare as well.

  2. THANK YOU!!!

    I don’t agree with your politics. However, your argument is dead on. Why waste time constructing, communicating, and voting on a bill that won’t be passed. Even if it gets by Senate, Obama will veto it. Focus on other parts I agree.

    To be fair to the GOP, the House did say they wanted to cut their travel costs and publication costs. Am I defending the GOP??? shhhh. keep that on the down-low.

    • Austin,

      Welcome! Thanks for your input. To me, this is a naked attempt to discredit the Dems. I fully believe this is a bad bill, but brining a ceremonial vote wastes time and money just to trash another party. These representatives are for the people, not their party, and should begin to act like public servants — Dem, Rep, or Ind.

      • the sad thing is that they know this vote is a waste of time and yet they still have somehow justified it to themselves that this vote was necessary.

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